photographer + owner + wife + momma + believer + dogmom + coffeeaholic + chocolover + wildheart + indiesoul   Photo by Karri Wieners Photography

photographer + owner + wife + momma + believer + dogmom + coffeeaholic + chocolover + wildheart + indiesoul

Photo by Karri Wieners Photography

Always be blooming.

Allow yourself to grow without boundary.

And no matter what—


Hi! I'm Shae, the dreamer behind the lens at Wildflower Blooms Photography.

I now call the plains of the Texas Panhandle home, but I was born and raised in Farmington, NM, an interesting place tucked underneath the Colorado Rockies, right smack in the midst of a desert where wildflowers are miraculously abundant.

My love affair with all things wild started here, in the Land of Enchantment, while rock-collecting and flower-picking. I’d bring my sweet momma a bundle of wildflowers in one hand, and the most pretty little treasures of time-worn + tumbled gemstones I could find on any given afternoon of my childhood. She kept her very favorites, now held captive by her china cabinet. ;)

In adulthood, I wandered through various degree plans before deciding upon a BA in English Literature. I graduated from WTAMU with honors. I sought to teach. But as you might guess, that didn’t happen. I found myself seeking more. And after my daughter was born, the need to document her in every instance turned into a passion I couldn’t easily shake—photography.

I was born a natural storyteller, weaving the most elaborate tales for anyone who’d listen.

So when I was awakened by the power behind the every day, that magic captured in the emotive stillness of an image taken long ago, I’d reached my fever point. There was no denying that God made me to be a keeper of stories—and now I had a powerful tool to immortalize these tales for others, by capturing love as it unfolds, the journey of marriage, families in every season, and the unawareness of childhood we call innocence. My innate ability to nurture and bless met my yearning to produce art— through photography.



  • I am the mother to a beautiful baby girl named Emma Faye (see that little button nose and pouty lips above? My favorite features I never want to forget!)

  • I have two furbabies named Bella & Moe- spoiled pups who never let a lap go empty!

  • I've been with the love of my life for almost 16 years. #highschoolsweethearts

  • I’m a believer. #AMEN

  • Coffee + Fresh air = life.

  • I have a hearty appreciation for sass and all things art.

  • I dig most types of music, but have a soft spot for indie folk.

  • I am a closet introvert, but I pretend I’m extroverted! #mustrecharge #homebody

  • I once studied abroad in London, England. The subject? William Shakespeare. #bardolater #speakpoetrytome

  • Besides my focus behind the lens, I'm also a practicing painter and DIY-crafter— Hobby Lobby, anyone?

  • I will never turn down a Harry Potter marathon.

  • Chocolate is my love language.

  • Candles. There is something so inspiring about a candle's first flame. It fires me up to be productive and creative!


I can’t wait to learn more about you. <3